Wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains

Searching for a Wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains?

Brides planning a Smoky Mountain wedding have an exciting yet complex job ahead of them. Fortunately, the area is rich in resources to help brides plan their dream weddings. The Smoky Mountain Wedding Association, for example, is an organization of trusted, local businesses who strive to help brides accomplish turning their dream into a reality. One of those businesses is Smokey Mountain Sounds, a premier wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains.

Smokey Mountain Sounds has 35 years of DJ experience. The owner, Ron Crivellone, has been a part of nearly 3,500 weddings and events. His professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to the bride and groom’s happiness set him apart from the crowd. Ron has deep roots in the music entertainment industry and has made quite an impact in the Smoky Mountain wedding industry. If you’re searching for a wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains, this article is for you.

From Chicago to the Smoky Mountains 

Ron began his career in entertainment just after high school in the Chicago area. His mother had worked at a recording studio, and this inspired Ron to pursue a career in music and entertainment. He began his business in Illinois and quickly gained a reputation for being professional and reliable. His natural talents propelled him to the top of Chicago’s DJ circuit. 

In 2009, Ron felt called to move to the Smoky Mountain area. After a few vacations to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, he was open to the idea. Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains are the wedding capital of the South. He moved here not realizing how big the wedding industry was. It didn’t take Ron long to realize that his talents could be an asset to the Smoky Mountain wedding industry. 

Wedding Receptions with Smokey Mountain Sounds

Planning a Smoky Mountain wedding? Smokey Mountain sounds is a premier wedding DJ.

Smokey Mountain Sounds provides entertainment services such as DJ entertainment, karaoke, and trivia, for a wide variety of groups. Ron entertains proms, veteran’s groups, and private events for local organizations; however, weddings are the focus of his business. Smokey Mountain Sounds is a premier wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains. Along with his wife, Ellen, the pair truly enjoy working with brides to plan weddings and wedding receptions in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Knoxville, and beyond. 

The pair offers decades of experience with weddings as well as valuable knowledge of the Smoky Mountain area. They love to help brides plan the reception’s entertainment, but they are also happy to offer advice on other aspects of the wedding. The Crivellones’ expertise is one characteristic that elevates their business, although this full-service DJ company offers amenities that differentiate them from others in the industry. 

Thoughtful Services from Smokey Mountain Sounds

Wedding officiant in the Smoky Mountains

Master of Ceremonies 

Ron enjoys the ambiance and joy of wedding receptions, and this shines through as he acts as master of ceremonies throughout the event. Smokey Mountain Sounds provides services for weddings of any size. A master of ceremonies sets the tone for a wedding reception, keeps the schedule on track, and allows the bride and groom to relax and enjoy their special day. Some couples overlook this important component of a wedding DJ. We asked Ron about the importance of having a true master of ceremonies, and he summed it up with one statement. 

“A master of ceremonies is a person who commands the audience in a way where they don’t feel like they’re being commanded,” Ron stated. 

A DJ is much more than someone who plays music; they should be educated on how a reception should flow. A professional DJ plays music during the reception, and they also entertain with thoughtful segues between the special moments of the event. Between announcing the newlywed couple, introducing the individuals making toasts, and keeping the schedule on track, it is this leadership that only a professional DJ and master of ceremonies can provide.

Ron works together with the wedding coordinator to make sure the reception is flawless. For weddings that don’t have a coordinator, Ron can manage the flow of the schedule. He has taken wedding coordinator classes, and he is keen on the proper workings of a reception. Ron’s attention to detail makes his work look effortless and easy, even though a lot is happening in the background. A professional DJ will provide quality entertainment for the guests so that the behind-the-scenes work goes unnoticed. 

Music Planning App 

Smokey Mountain Sounds uses a personalized music planning app so brides and grooms can easily plan the music for their reception. The app opens a direct line of communication between the wedding couple and Ron. This gives him an easy and effective way to provide personalized entertainment for the wedding reception. 

Wireless Mic 

Brides partnering with Smokey Mountain will enjoy thoughtful details including a wireless microphone for speeches. The wedding party and other guests can use the wireless mic from anywhere in the room. This feature also allows Ron to move throughout the wedding event space as he provides master-of-ceremonies duties. 

GOBO & Event Lighting

They also offer a GOBO, which is a lighted stencil device that allows custom initials, dates, or names projected onto a wall or other surface. This is a thoughtful touch to a wedding reception. Ron has the design created in advance and the bride approves it before the reception. Smokey Mountain Sounds offers other lighting effects to enhance your event as well. 

Ring Roamer 

A ring roamer is a modern approach to a photo booth. This selfie station consists of a tablet and lighting. The props and backdrops are digital and highly customizable. What makes the ring roamer superior to other photo booths is that it is small, light, and easily moved throughout the event. Guests will love snapping photos at the dedicated photo area, although Ron can walk around the reception with the ring roamer to capture candid shots. This flexibility gives brides and grooms a well-rounded collection of fun photos to enjoy. 

Wedding Officiant in the Smoky Mountains 

Another amenity from Smokey Mountain Sounds is officiant services. Ron is a professional non-denominational minister who has performed hundreds of ceremonies. He enjoys learning about the couple and customizing the ceremony, especially for them. Learn more about officiant services here

Wedding Advice from Ron and Ellen of Smokey Mountain Sounds

Smokey Mountain Sounds

You will find an in-depth and informative wedding blog on the Smokey Mountain Sounds website. This is where Ron and Ellen share their wealth of knowledge about the wedding industry, particularly the Smoky Mountain wedding industry. 

We recently sat down with Ron to discuss Smokey Mountain Sound’s impact on the local wedding industry, and he shared this important piece of advice: 

“Don’t go by price,” Ron recommended. “Do your homework and make sure your DJ has references. They should have a strong social media presence and be recommended by other wedding professionals. Consider all these elements; not just price. You only get one shot. When it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you decide solely based on price, you may regret it later”. 

More about Smokey Mountain Sounds – Wedding DJ in the Smoky Mountains

Smokey Mountain Sounds offers fair and competitive pricing. The business is also licensed and insured, which is an important aspect to consider when hiring any wedding vendor. All these aspects contribute to the fact that the business is a leader in the local wedding industry and a favorite among brides getting married in the Smoky Mountains. 

Smokey Mountain Sounds comes recommended by many area wedding planners and coordinators. Ron harbors synergy with other professionals in the Smoky Mountain wedding industry. The Crivellones are active members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association as well as the chambers of commerce and hospitality associations of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. Learn more about this wonderful business here.

If you’re planning a Smoky Mountain wedding, contact Smokey Mountain Sounds to secure your wedding date. This premier DJ business is in high demand and bookings are based on a first-come first-serve basis. Reach out to Ron and Ellen to get started planning your perfect Smoky Mountain wedding reception!

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