As the iconic song goes, “Country roads, take me home…” Country Roads Axe Co. has found a new home in Pigeon Forge, TN.

The Smoky Mountains have long been one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country, and for good reason. The astounding views make for the most perfectly romantic setting. Combine our unparalleled views with ample attraction, lodging and dining options, and it becomes obvious why generations of couples have been tying the knot in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

As for the modern bride and groom, trends show that they are looking for unique and exciting ways to wow their guests. From the bachelor and bachelorette party to the wedding ceremony and reception, the Smoky Mountain area continually offers the wedding industry what it demands. One example of that is Country Roads Axe Co. in Pigeon Forge.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Boggess of Country Roads Axe Co. to learn more.

Call it “love at first bite,” the property’s story actually began with a unique pizza concept called “Apizza.”

Pronounced “ah-beets,” just as original Neapolitan immigrants did, this delicious style of pizza was discovered by Ben and his father during a trip to New Haven, Connecticut. Apizza is cooked in a coal-fired oven at 700 degrees. While cooking with coal has declined nationally over the years, most pizza restaurants in New Haven still cook in coal-fired ovens.

Country Roads Axe Co. featuring West by God CoalFired Pizza in Pigeon Forge, TN

To Ben it was an idea that fit well with his West Virginia roots, thus he and his Dad founded the brand West by God CoalFired Pizza.

Meanwhile, the concept of Country Roads Axe Company was being developed by another group back home in West Virginia. The collaboration of the two ideas resulted in the unique property we have in Pigeon Forge today: Country Roads Axe Co. featuring West by God CoalFired PIzza.

What is Apizza?

“Coal-fired pizza is one of those things that’s kind of gone down a little bit over the years… but I wanted to be as authentic as possible with this style of pizza,” explains Boggess.

Ben described his take on Apizza as “crust and sauce focused.” The crust is stretched thin and then charred, not burnt, during the baking process. Toppings, including cheese, are sparse as this delicacy is all about the sauce and the crispy, yet chewy, crust.

Country Roads Axe Co. in Pigeon Forge is one of only two restaurants in the entire state of Tennessee that currently operates a coal-fired oven. The other is in Nashville.

Country Roads Axe Co. is a Non-Traditional Wedding Reception Idea

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience for your Pigeon Forge wedding, Apizza would be it. But wait, there’s more: axe throwing! Axe throwing boomed in popularity in the Northeast, like Apizza, and has slowly made its way down to the Southern states. 

What sets Country Roads Axe Co. apart from other axe-throwing venues? End-grain wood, for starters. Sticking the target is easier with end-grain wood, making the experience more enjoyable for the guests. With an end-grain wood target, guests of all ages can partake in axe throwing. Ninja stars and knives are also available which means that younger and older guests have options suitable to their abilities. The developers of Country Roads Axe Co. designed their concept with safety in mind so that the entire family could enjoy the experience.

Fun For Guests of All Ages at Country Roads Axe Co.

Another differentiator is that at Country Roads the targets are digitally projected. Most axe-throwing venues rely on stationary spray-painted targets but here the targets are digital and interactive. Even the scoring is digital, which means that guests can spend more time having fun and less time keeping track of scores. 

Along with traditional bullseyes, Country Roads offers axe tic-tac-toe, zombie challenge, duck hunter, and other games. Because the bullseye is projected, the targets can move thus creating an elevated experience for guests.

Ben explained that the popularity of axe throwing has brought in a lot of guests, but the positive feedback from their food has the team excited about growing the dining aspect of their property. The menu currently offers Apizza along with American bar cuisine like burgers, wings and other appetizers. Country Roads is forward-thinking and looks forward to enhancing the menu with more offerings and seasonal items.

The Coolest Beer in the Smokies is at Country Roads Axe Co.

Country Roads Axe Co. featuring West by God CoalFired Pizza has an "IPOURIT" beer wall with 24 craft beer options.
“IPOURIT” Beer Wall at Country Roads Axe Co. featuring West by God CoalFired Pizza in Pigeon Forge.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without a visit to their “IPOURIT” beer wall. The wall features 24 craft beers and ounce by ounce, guests can try them all. Guests can open a tab and then try the beer in one-ounce tasters, customized flights, or an entire pint if they like. The wall includes a selection of sours, seltzers, and ciders as well, so guests with a wide-range of preferences can be accommodated.

What does all this mean to you and your Smoky Mountain wedding?

One you’ve selected your wedding venue, it’s time to focus on the reception.

Country Roads Axe Co. is a top-notch facility with plenty of space to accommodate groups, including YOUR rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. In fact, the property offers a mezzanine that privately accommodates parties up to 50 guests. Have a larger group? Country Roads can comfortably serve groups of up to 150!

Country Roads Axe Co. featuring West by God CoalFired Pizza can accommodate groups up to 150 guests.

Country Roads Axe Co. is conveniently located, easy to find, and plenty of parking is available for your event. The site is centrally located in Sevier County meaning that wherever your ceremony is, you and your guests can easily and comfortably find your way.

If you think this might be the key to your truly unique Smoky Mountain wedding, check out their website and social media (links below), and then contact them directly. For more advice on planning a Smoky Mountain wedding, read this article.

To recap, consider wowing your guests at Country Roads Axe Co. in Pigeon Forge with a unique and memorable:

  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
  • Wedding Reception
  • Anniversary Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Corporate Outing
  • Family Reunion
  • Team Banquet
Country Roads Axe Co featuring West by God CoalFired Pizza in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Country Roads Axe Co.

Physical Address: 137 E. Wears Valley Road, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Phone: 865.366.4555



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