If you are planning a wedding this year, then chances are you are wondering what the 2022 wedding color trends are. First off, congratulations in advance on your upcoming wedding. While planning a wedding can be stressful, it is also an exciting time. For some brides it’s a breeze because they have known for years exactly what their wedding colors will be. For others it’s a bit of a challenge because there is an unlimited number of beautiful colors and narrowing it down to one a few can be stress inducing.

2022 Wedding Color Trends are Flexible

The good news about 2022 wedding color trends is that they are very flexible. There is no one color that is dominating, so there is plenty of room for creativity. You cannot go wrong. After all, your wedding is all about you, so go with the color or colors that have meaning to you and your future spouse. It is also worth noting that this year, the wedding color trends are not tied to specific seasons. Your spring wedding can have warm colors usually associated with fall, and your fall wedding can incorporate cool colors traditionally associated with spring and summer. There is also plenty of flexibility as far as your wedding gown color is concerned. According to Magical Mountain Bridal store owner Lesley Safer, white and ivory are always in for brides. However, brides should feel free to experiment with other colors like black and blush if they are more flattering to your figure and complexion. Many brides are throwing tradition to the wind and wearing whatever color makes them feel like a bride.

Take a Cue from Nature and Everywhere!

2022 wedding color trends include:

Green: this is every shade of green from very pale to very dark. Think of flower garden of beautiful meadow. They both have green as the main color, and it goes well with flowers of every color. This means that you can have green as your main color and mix in whatever color, e.g. cream, gold, yellow, black, etc. Or, you can just have green by itself.

Blue: once again, choose whatever shade sings to you. Some brides are going for light blue and pairing it with yellow, white, silver, gold, grey, sand, tan, etc.

Pinks and Purples: you can combine various shades of pink, or mix in light brown, cream, tan, and other warm colors.

Earth tones: this includes burnt or darker shades of orange, browns, tans and cream. They pair well with green.

Some brides are going straight up rainbow with beautiful results. Whether you have your bridal party wear whatever color they choose in a style you choose, or choose a shade of s color you choose, it makes for beautiful pictures. It also speaks to your carefreeness.

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