With wedding season right around the corner, it’s about time to start discussing bridal shower ideas! Planning a bridal shower isn’t as demanding as planning a wedding, but it can still be a challenge! Every bride deserves the perfect bridal shower, and to help; we’re sharing advice to get you started. If you’ve never planned one, use these bridal shower tips to help decide what type of shower best suits you or the bride.

First, you’ll need to start looking into places to host your bridal shower. Your bridal shower decoration ideas will be determined by where you’ve elected to host the party. So, how will you know what type of bridal shower space is right for you? What do you need to plan the perfect bridal shower? If you are confused, stressed, and unsure about planning a bridal shower, or arranging one for a bride and don’t know what they want, here are a few questions to answer to help narrow things down!

What’s your expected guest count? 

How many people are you inviting to the bridal shower? Keep in mind; the more people asked to come, the bigger space you’ll need. Make sure to take this into account when building your budget. Decide beforehand what’s the maximum amount of guests you’re inviting! The bride, bridesmaids, Mother of the bride, close family, and friends, the list can start to fill up fast. The more people attending, the more you’ll need to spend.

What type of event space for rent would be ideal?

Once you have a general idea of who’s coming, you can start scouting for party locations! This part should be fun! If your budget is generous, most wedding venues have special pricing for smaller groups. They also give discounts on weekdays! If you’d prefer to spend most of your bridal shower budget on decor and food, you’ll need to be a bit more creative! Many restaurants have private rooms available, and if you plan on using them to cater the event, they may provide the space free of charge or at a reduced rate. If you prefer an outdoor location, a backyard bridal showers may be the best option!

How do you choose your bridal shower theme or style?

Look to the couple or bride for the best answer! What is their style? Modern, rustic, barn, boho, chic, etc. Check out their Pinterest page for inspiration! Has the couple has been sharing images of their wedding decor wishlist on social media? With a little digging, you can easily see what type of scenery the bride prefers. You can also find inspiration in the seasons! Is the bridal shower set for winter, fall, spring, or summer? You can also choose a specific theme! Roaring 20s, garden theme, bright and bold, tropical, etc. Focus on the bride, and you can’t go wrong! 

Decorating Your Bridal Shower

How you decorate your bridal shower all depends on the bride’s style and party location. The amount of décor is entirely up to you! You can keep it simple or choose to spice it up a bit. Cost-effective decorations include balloons, streamers, and greenery! They are great ways to create a festive environment and give the rooms tons of details.

Here are more adorable bridal shower ideas for that extra personal look!

Add pictures of the couple!

Create a custom welcome sign

Cute simple foods

Interactive photo décor

Bridal games

Finally, let’s cover the must-haves! Here’s a great list of items to include when planning a bridal shower. Incorporating some or all of these details will help seal the deal and give the bride the shower experience she’s always wanted!

Themed bars and drinks!

Creating a custom drink or unique bar is always fun! It gives guests a chance to interact while also enjoying something delightful and refreshing. Examples are mimosa or wine bars, lemonade or milkshake bars, or champagne wall! For anyone brides who prefer not to serve alcoholic drinks, there are lovely mocktail recipes available! Doing something unique and serving sweet always sets the mood for the shower!

Special Sweet Seat for the bride!

As with most bridal showers, there will be cards and presents to open! One of the best parts of a bridal shower is seeing the bride’s reaction to unwrapping or receiving her gifts! Be sure to have a comfy spot for her to relax and enjoy every minute of the experience. A bridal shower sweet seat also offers the ideal time to capture pictures. So why not do it in style? Special tip! Have pen and paper ready so the bride can write down what she received and who she received it from! Doing this will make creating and sending thank you cards that much easier!

Good Eats!

Although you don’t need to serve a meal, the guests will appreciate it, primarily if you’re serving alcohol at the bridal shower. If your budget doesn’t accommodate a full meal, small sweets, hors d’oeuvres, or finger food can not only elevate everyone’s experience but even help decorate! 

bridal shower food
Get creative with your bridal shower food choices!

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