With dozens of Sevierville photographers available on the wedding market, finding one with an eye for detail can be daunting. However, when you meet a team that truly cares, their work speaks for itself.

Team 22 Studios History

Team 22 Studios, founded in Sevierville, TN, offers a variety of photography services, fit to meet the highest standards. Ken and Angie Carriere have worked to create a business that is professional and authentic. Their family-based company specializes in a number of subjects including cabin and real estate photography, wedding events, and headshots.

Having worked in the music and tv marketing field for years, Ken brings years of industry knowledge to the table. Together, he and Angie, a gifted musician and photographer, opened Team 22 Studios in 2014. The Carrieres, along with their two children, have achieved local recognition for their skill sets and media range. From digital art to family portraits, Team 22 strives to create images that capture beauty and personality.

An Amazing Team of Sevierville Photographers

In terms of experience, Sevierville photographers Team 22 offers the best of the best. Angie is an expert Adobe photoshop and digital artist with a knack for imaginative creations. In addition to her and Ken’s talents, the company boasts an award-winning videographer, social media expert, and an additional studied photographer. Together they share decades of wisdom. Moreover, they’ll jump at any opportunity to offer customers a share in the wealth. Their understanding of how to manipulate equipment paired with editing mastery works to produce a photography “dream team”. From start to finish, Team 22 makes it their every effort to guarantee a flawless result.

Incredible Company Standards

When interviewing with Ken, the dedication to clients’ satisfaction was continually noted. For the team, capturing images that leave customers feeling happy is of the highest importance. Seeing the joy in people and the fun they have while filming is the greatest reward, Ken says. When on the job, the team looks for ways to help their customers feel at ease. Weddings and big events can be mayhem, but this brilliant team manages to relieve the tension. They aim to create an environment perfect for their shoots. The drive behind their work comes from the desire to use their skills for the benefit of others.

Local Charm

Being a small company allows the Carrieres to engage with their community and fellow businesses. They currently partner with an array of travel agencies, venues, and florists. If you’re on the hunt for trustworthy vendors in your search for Sevierville photographers, the Carrieres will steer you in the right direction! What’s so great about Team 22 Studios is their appreciation for supporting others.

These Sevierville Photographers Guarantee Results!

Whether you’re searching for a way to remember your family reunion, gather professional headshots, or are putting your house on the market, Team 22 Studios is the company that will provide you with the utmost. With their guidance, you can be positive that you’ll walk away happy with your results. If you’re interested in working with Team 22, you can find their information along with some sample work on their website! No need to waste time shopping around when you find a business as remarkable as Team 22 Studios.



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