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Known as the wedding capitol of the South, there is a huge network here waiting to meet the needs of engaged couples. We have all that you need for an epic wedding day: the most perfect scenery, incredible wedding vendors, and an array of photography services to capture it all. Brides and grooms tying the knot in the Smoky Mountain area have the luxury of working with the most amazing companies, including Morolo Films. They produce beautiful, cinematic wedding videos in the Smoky Mountains.

Bride and groom pose for wedding videos in the Smoky Mountains.

Video is the New Standard in Wedding Photography

Photography has long been the standard for capturing a bride and groom’s special day, but as you’re planning your own wedding you may be considering going the extra mile and hiring a videographer. This means adding an extra line item to your wedding budget, although you will have a priceless masterfully produced video of your special day. Morolo Films is based out of East Tennessee and they take traditional wedding videos to an entirely different level. They are producing amazing wedding videos in the Smoky Mountains.

Photos Can Help You Remember, But With Video You’ll Never Forget 

The first and most important part of the process is selecting the right videographer. At Morolo Films, a husband-and-wife team work together with their clients to craft the perfect production. Each of them is accomplished and experienced on their own, but together they are a power couple in the wedding-video segment of the photography industry. Michael and Olga Antonik are respected videographers whose work spans nationally and internationally. 

The pair have the vision to create Hollywood-quality films because their resumes include experience in network television and other Hollywood productions. It is their decades of experience and vast catalog of work that give Morolo Films their signature look. Some of their past work includes The Emmy’s® and the Hollywood Christmas Parade for the Hallmark Channel! Other videographers can offer their clients a beautiful wedding video, but Michael and Olga provide their clients with a stunning cinematic-style film. 

The Antoniks have the knowledge to determine what to shoot and how to shoot it because of their decades of experience in the film industry. You can trust them to collect the smallest and largest moments from your special day and then edit the footage into a unique and beloved masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come. Imagine your kids and grandkids watching your wedding video produced by Morolo Films! 

Morolo Films produces Hollywood-style wedding videos in the Smoky Mountains.

Your Wedding Video Will Become an Instant Family Heirloom

Their process actually helps plan the wedding day, often preventing brides from forgetting small, special details. Years later, it’s those small details that make for the most meaningful memories. Envision a wedding dress hanging in a spotlight of sun or drone coverage of guests arriving. Long after you say, “I do,” those moments live on. 

According to Olga, “Sometimes couples don’t know what they want. We help them figure it out and find just the right song to go with the video.”  

“We guide the couple toward things they haven’t thought about, such as writing each other a letter on the morning of their wedding. This is even if they are writing their own vows for the ceremony.” Michael added. 

The sound and lighting in a Morolo Films production is flawless. Their raw footage is of the highest quality and their editing process is professional and precise. Olga’s roles include producer, camera, and lead editor. She also pilots their drone camera. Michael is the team’s director. He works with Olga behind the camera, and the pair are both hands-on during the editing process. Having two such accomplished professionals working in synergy is what sets Morolo Films apart from others in the industry. 

If you are planning to get married within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you will be pleased to know that Morolo Films is authorized to film wedding videos in the Smoky Mountains. Only authorized photographers and videographers are allowed to film events inside the park. For more information on getting married in the park, click here

Wedding Videos in the Smoky Mountains: Contact Morolo Films for Package and Pricing

You can find examples of tiered packages on their website. Michael and Olga encourage couples to work with them in creating a custom package based on their budget and desires. While on their website, view monumental moments from other couples’ weddings. Watch examples of Morolo Film’s work in their gorgeous online gallery. You will see how epic their productions truly are. 

Morolo Films is headquartered in the Smoky Mountains and serves the entire area as well as the Southeastern states of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Kentucky. The team is also available to travel further to film weddings nationally and internationally. 

Michael and Olga have an exciting love story. They randomly met in an airport in Greece while on separate vacations, had dinner together that evening, and were engaged the following year at the Trevi Fountain in Rome! They understand how special YOUR story is and they are excited to partner with you to document it. Morolo Films is also happy to work directly with your wedding planner to prepare for your special day.

A Smoky Mountain wedding for this bride and groom. Shot by Morolo Films.

Who Will Film Your Wedding Video in the Smoky Mountains?

You can be at peace trusting them with such a great responsibility. Submit a contact form on their website or reach out to Michael and Olga today. They recommend reserving their services one-year in advance, although they can be flexible as availability allows. Follow Morolo Films on social media to stay updated on their productions: links below. 

Morolo Films 

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Website: https://www.morolofilms.com/ 

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