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A few articles that can help you make your decision on the right entertainment for you and your wedding:

There is a great article in Bridal Guide magazine that may help you in your decision. Wedding Reception Music: Band or DJ?”

  • Unless you’re going with a particular reception theme, don’t limit yourself to a band that just plays one style of music.
  • Remember that a band’s rendition of a song you like is not going to sound just like the original, so if you dreamed of doing your first dance to a particular pop tune, you may be disappointed with the version you hear.
  • As with a band, it’s unreasonable for a bride and groom to expect to dictate the entire play list. After all, part of his professional expertise is in reading the crowd and responding to its mood…

Another Great Article, This one from the Huffington Post: 10 Dos and Don’ts for Saving On Your Wedding Day” By Chef Rossi.

 “Should we let a friend DJ?” Chef Rossi says, “Maybe, but if you decide to save money by having a friend DJ, make sure they are a professional.  You may be saving thousands by having your cousin spin for you, but if he disappears while he searches for his 10th beer, you’ll wish you spent the money…

”Should we choose an off-peak date? Chef Rossi says, “Yes, honey! If you pick any day other than Saturday, most wedding venues will cut you a nicer deal…”

Another Article from the Huffington Post:  Wedding Regrets: 13 Brides Reveal What They Wish They’d Done Differently

“The only thing we’d change about the wedding was our DJ. The prices do reflect the quality, so if you think you’re getting a really good, cheap deal—there might be a reason for that!”

One last article to think about:, this one from The Wedding Coach  “I Don’t Want to Spend a Lot on a DJ – It’s Just Music…” – said every regretful brideby JENNIFER MAXWELL

“The often overlooked DJ, is usually seen as a fairly unimportant detail – especially to the bride, and especially in comparison to her choice in photographer, dress, flowers, decor etc…. After all, “it’s just music – right?” Wrong.  Music, or rather, your entertainment, is KEY to a successful event – your Reception PARTY! Who has a party without music?!”

There is a blog that may help you too. I think in this case it is just better to read it rather than quote parts of it, How Much Should Your Wedding DJ Cost?” 

Don't skimp on entertainment for your wedding day. You will remember the ceremony, your guests will remember the reception.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds and Administrative Assistant for the SMWA

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