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We try our best to plan our events around rain, but… rain happens! So here are 5 Ideas for Your Fun Rainy Day Wedding.


The most important thing about rain on a wedding day is we can take it as an opportunity for something fun and different! That rainy day wedding may just wind up being one of your most cherished memories.

Bride and groom walking in the rain

Be sure to check the weather daily in the days prior to your special date, but if it just doesn’t look like a sunny forecast, here are some neat ideas to help you prepare:

Umbrella Gifts as Guest Favor:

How cool would it be to have umbrellas made specifically for your wedding day? Umbrellas are something everyone is inclined to use at some point or another, so why not have a great memento of your special day? Not to mention personalized umbrellas for the bride and groom and bridal party! What a fun photo prop!


Alright, the high heels are not going to be happy walking in the rain and sinking in the wet grass. Let’s make a fun fashion statement- rain boots! Hey, cowgirl boots are in, so why not rain boots? Once again, rain boots are something else that can be personalized. And all those different patterns that are available!


Photographers love different and unique opportunities and especially love clients who are willing to participate. After all the formalities are said and done, and the evening is winding down, a romantic photo session in the rain in wedding attire would be portrait perfect.

Make Up and Hair

Ladies, we know how important your hair and make up are on your special day. We all know about waterproof mascara, but airbrush foundation and some hairsprays are also water-resistant. Your professional stylist will make sure you are good to go for a drizzling day.

First Look

The bride and groom having a first look before the ceremony is ideal on a rainy day. Since rain can be somewhat challenging for photographers, having a first look will allow that extra time for the photographer to get those shots that are an absolute MUST in the rain! Your photographer will more than likely have some pretty awesome ideas for cool shots in the rain.

Written by Rick King of Bluff Mountain Inn

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